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Terms of Service

Terms of Service and Store Policy:

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Shipping Costs & Information:

US CUSTOMER SHIPPING INFORMATION: Due to the variations in item size and weight, shipping costs are figured individually. However, we will always pack items in the most reasonable and least expensive way possible. Orders weighing 15oz or less will be mailed via First Class unless the items are too fragile or bulky OR other arrangements have been made by the customer.

USPS Priority Mail is a trackable service, but can be sketchy at best. BE AWARE OF YOUR LOCATION: If the tracking shows your package delivered and you claim you did not receive your package, we cannot file a claim with the USPS. As a result, we will not be able to refund or replace your purchase. If you have any concerns whatsoever, please contact us and we will require a signature delivery for your order, no matter the amount of the order. This may require an additional cost.

Please understand that we are a small business and cannot be responsible for packages that are shown as delivered but go missing. The above information is not to just remove ourselves from liability but is the result of the fact that we also have no recourse to resolve the situation financially. We will do anything in our power to resolve any and all situations and work on your behalf with the USPS to resolve any situations that may arise.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING INFORMATION: Currently we only provide international shipping to US territories and US military bases. FPO/APO: We are happy to ship packages to our service members and their families overseas.

Not all soaps are created equally. Our soaps are handcrafted and hand cut. Weights will vary from bar to bar and batch to batch. That is the nature of a handcrafted product. Most of our soaps will range from 5 ounces to 6 ounces. For simplicity, our prices are based upon lowest bar weight per batch. Any soap weighing more is merely a bonus for the price paid.

Returns & Refunds:

Unfortunately we are not able to process returns, due to the fact that soap is a personal product and even unopened, we choose not to resell the product since it has been out of our supervision.

Orders cannot be cancelled once they have been shipped.

We reserve the right to cancel any unshipped order.

Currently we do not take pre-orders, however we do take special orders at this time. For a quality product, it is our policy to sell our soaps only once cured. While it may be that a well-made cold process soap can be ready to use nearly immediately, a really luxurious soap is well aged. For this reason, we allow our soaps a reasonably long cure before selling.

Refunds will be determined on an individual basis. Please keep in mind that every nose is different and scents may be perceived differently per person. We do our best to describe the scents based upon the essential oils that are used. No refunds will be given based on scent. Also note that even unfragranced soap will have a slight scent due to ingredients used. On occasion, an unfragranced soap bar may absorb scent based on the soap surrounding it on the curing rack.

The Ingredients We Use:
We scent our soaps with essential oils. Please use caution whenever using a body product containing essential oils. Be aware and know the effects of that particular essential oils may have on your body. We use the standard amount of essential oils in our recipes. Strength of scent after cure will vary so some soaps will have a lighter or stronger scent than others. We color our soaps using natural pigments, herbal colorants, and titanium dioxide which is a naturally occurring whitening agent. Some colorants will ‘bleed’ some of their color. This is normal.

Tips For Use:
Store packaged soap in a cool, dry area.
When not in use, please keep the soaps out of the direct stream of water, or a pool of water, to allow them to dry between uses. This will help the bars last longer and not become water-logged. Handcrafted soaps contain glycerin which is a humectant and is a natural by-product of making cold or hot process soap. It will naturally try to hold on to water.